NEMESEA release music video alternate version Of 'Hear Me' ft. Sanne Mieloo

09-12-2017 @ 11:46

The Dutch female fronted rockband NEMESEA, who recently introduced their new vocalist Sanne Mieloo to public, have just released an alternate version of the track 'Hear Me'!
Taken from their latest album 'Uprise', released in 2016 with Napalm Records, NEMESEA have always perfectly managed to combine rock with electronica to stir up a dark and strangely addictive brew. The band creates a balance between driving rock and soothing ballads, their latest offer 'Uprise' offers intense and soulful alternative rock complete with a subtle breath of goth and loudly demands the attention the band undoubtedly deserves. With their new and vocalist surpreme Sanne on the mic, NEMESEA are ready to break new grounds and are back stronger than ever before! Says the band:

Nemesea is banging on your door with this new version of 'Uprise' track ‘Hear Me’. Vocalist Sanne pulls off a tour de force with audible ease and the new dirty key sound production by Matthijs offers you a glimpse of Nemesea 2.0!”

Get your ears & eyes on this brand new version of 'Hear Me' and watch NEMESEA's video right