Yesterdays future: Gary Wright

04-10-2010 @ 13:24

Over the course of his 40-year career, Gary Wright has played before millions of fans, had his music licensed to blockbuster movies & TV shows and continues to have his music played on radio each and every day. A pioneer of using synthesizers in pop music as heard on his worldwide hits “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive,” Gary has inspired generations of mainstream artists including Eminem, Mya, Salt-N-Pepa, Busta Rhymes, Anastacia and DJ Armand Van Helden. Connected, his first pop-rock album in over 20 years, is a masterful reminder of Gary Wright’s innate ability to forge a sublime musical connection with the inner human desire that engages one to move, to groove, to clap one’s hands and to sing along. It’s inspirational. Anchored by a lifetime of songcraft and production know-how, this bold new album is a modern-day masterpiece that instills Gary’s self-realised world-unifying vision with the joyous magical transcendence of his all-time classic hits. The mood heats up from the get go with its majestic first single “Satisfied” featuring iconic legends Ringo Starr on drums and Joe Walsh on guitar. The first lines belie the effervescence of the soul-enriching journey to come: “Satisfied. Walkin’ in the sunshine. By your side. Right here where I wanna be.” Now imagine a deliciously funky keyboard riff amid life-affirming vocals and just like that, you’re well on your way to imbibing the good times. This fall, Wright will appear in Martin Scorcese’s George Harrison biopic while “Dream Weaver” is prominently featured in Disney’s Toy Story 3. A new generation is set to have their hearts, minds and souls Connected.

1) Satisfied 2) Get Your Hands Up 3) Under Your Spell 4) No One Does It Better 5) Can’t Find No Mercy 6) Life’s Not A Battlefield 7) Gimme Some Time 8) Connected 9) Kirra Layne 10) You Make Me Feel Better

Release: 24-09-2010
Bestelnr. CD: LRK42207
distr.: rough trade