Don Henley's First Solo Album in 15 Years

05-08-2015 @ 20:44

Don Henley will release 'Cass County', his 5th studio album, and his first solo album in 15 years, on September 25, 2015. Named for the northeastern Texas county in which Henley was raised, 'Cass County' will be available as a 12-song standard CD and digital album, as well as a 16-track deluxe version, which will be available on CD, digitally, and a double disc, 180 gram Vinyl LP.

Fans who preorder 'Cass County' digitally on iTunes will instantly receive downloads of “That Old Flame” and “Take A Picture of This”.

'Cass County' was produced by Don Henley and Stan Lynch, who also co-wrote 11 of the songs on the album, and represents both Henley’s roots and the next stop on his creative journey. “I was born and raised in Texas. I'm a Southerner and a Texan. So this is a natural progression for me. It's who I am and where I come from,” says Don Henley.

Recorded primarily in Nashville, Tennessee, and Dallas, Texas, the album includes guest appearances from Merle Haggard, Miranda Lambert, Mick Jagger, Martina McBride, Jamey Johnson, Alison Krauss, Vince Gill and Dolly Parton. When asked about making the album, Henley exclaimed, “I can truthfully say, I enjoyed making this record more than any record I’ve made in my career because of the people who participated. John Sebastian was right in 1965 or 1966 when he wrote that song ‘Nashville Cats.’ It’s still true all these years later. There are some amazing musicians here.”

'Cass County' tracklisting

Deluxe - CD, Digital & Vinyl:

1. “Bramble Rose” (featuring Mick Jagger & Miranda Lambert) / 2. “The Cost of Living” (featuring Merle Haggard) / 3. “No, Thank You” / 4. “Waiting Tables” / 5. “Take A Picture of This” / 6. “Too Far Gone” / 7. “That Old Flame” (featuring Martina McBride) / 8. “The Brand New Tennessee Waltz” / 9. “Words Can Break Your Heart” / 10. “When I Stop Dreaming” (featuring Dolly Parton) / 11. “Praying for Rain” / 12. “Too Much Pride” / 13. “She Sang Hymns Out of Tune” / 14. “Train In The Distance” / 15. “A Younger Man” / 16. “Where I Am Now”

Standard – CD & Digital:

1. “Bramble Rose” (featuring Mick Jagger & Miranda Lambert) / 2. “The Cost of Living” (featuring Merle Haggard) / 3. “Take A Picture of This” / 4. “Waiting Tables” / 5. “No, Thank You” / 6. “Praying for Rain” / 7. “Words Can Break Your Heart” / 8. “That Old Flame” (featuring Martina McBride) / 9. “When I Stop Dreaming” (featuring Dolly Parton) / 10. “A Younger Man” / 11. “Train In The Distance” / 12. “Where I Am Now”

Don Henley, both as solo artist and as a member of the Eagles, has received countless accolades, numerous gold and platinum records and performed sold-out concert tours worldwide. A highly respected, popular and critically celebrated musical artist, Henley is a founding member, vocalist and songwriter of the Eagles, who pioneered and epitomized a musical style of country, folk, rhythm and blues, rock, and pop and has become one of the most influential bands in America. Henley’s solo career is equally as acclaimed with such hits as Dirty Laundry, Heart Of The Matter, Boys Of Summer, The End Of The Innocence, and All She Wants To Do Is Dance. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, and will receive the 2015 Kennedy Center honors later this year, as a member of the Eagles.

Henley’s career as a musician and activist continues to evolve. In 1990, he founded the Walden Woods Project (, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the historic woods in Massachusetts where author/philosopher Henry David Thoreau first championed the concept of land conservation. The project, celebrating its 20th anniversary in April 2010, has protected vast tracts of Walden Woods from the threat of commercial development, has created a highly acclaimed environmental educational initiative for students (, and maintains the most important library of Thoreau-related research material in the world. In addition, Henley founded the Caddo Lake Institute in his native East Texas, a privately operating foundation to act as an "ecosystem-specific" sponsoring entity, underwriting local wetland science and conservation education including cultural and ecological research and monitoring. Henley also co-founded the Recording Artists' Coalition, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group formed to represent the interests of recording artists.